Territorial Defence Forces
Guys great photos, and I don't like to act like a mod.

But this is becoming chaotic.

It would be cool if police / military pictures were posted in the appropriate threads to of justify their purpose /existence and have some kind of order or at least a resemblance of it.

Coast Guard
Border Guard
Criminal Police

are law enforcement agencies, and they

all belong in the police thread.

For State Security and State Protection, there is also a seperate (Counter Terrorism) thread.

This thread is only about the Georgian Military.
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13th Light Infantry Battalion "Shavnabada" of 1st infantry brigade in Iraq. 2004-2008.
"Shavnabada" is one of the more elite infantry units of the Georgian army, its history goes back to 1990s when battalion was formed mostly from Soviet special/airborne forces veterans and soldiers who fought in Afghanistan in the rows of Soviet army. it was initially known as 113th battalion but it was renamed 13th around 2005-06. 13th battalion was heavily involved in Iraq war, with battalion deployed there several times in 2004-08 period. battalion ended its mission in Iraq in August 2008 when Russia-Georgia war broke out. "Shavnabada" was in Iraq during war (as was entire 1st IB).







Iraq mission was not done without casualties, RIP for those who gave away their lives for a better world and peace.
SGT Irakli KORDZAIA, A Company,13th Battalion, 1st Infantry Brigade - Killed when enemy forces attacked a checkpoint five miles (9 km) from the Georgian Army's operating base in Diyala province, Iraq, June 4, 2008

CPL Zurab GVENETADZE, A Company, 13th Battalion, 1st Infantry Brigade, Died in an IED attack in the Diyala Province, Iraq, May 2, 2008

LT Giorgi MARGIEV, A Company, 13th Battalion, 1st Infantry Brigade - Died in an IED attack in the Diyala Province, Iraq, May 2, 2008

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