F-111s from the 20th TFW (55th TFS & 79th TFS), RAF Upper Heyford. Photos span from the early 80s to the early 90s

One of the first F-111 in Vietnam.

The 5 aircraft that were sent to Vietnam were in crates and assembled on arrival for combat testing. In 67 I was at the missile base in Alvarado Tx about 30 miles from the General Dynamics warehouse that those aircraft were rail shipped from. Today nothing remains that even resembles the old spot or area the warehouse sit. This photo is exactly the spot that the warehouse sat in 67 and off to the right of the photo is the rail line but in 67 there was another closer rail line to the warehouse. Out of frame to the rear is an overhead bypass or freeway. 57 years ago this was all still open range and a lot of horses and cattle still in fields. It was our little shortcut to the Dallas Fort Worth area and also we used the Naval Air Station just behind this photo for any dental work needed.. The place is just completely wall to wall with people and man made lakes. Nothing like I last saw even in 77 on a vacation which I stopped at the old missile base to take a couple photos. Those 5 aircraft all had wing failures and were destroyed. The sweeping trunion was failing and they designed a bigger stronger version and it worked well and was even adapted for the later to come F-14 Tomcats. I think it was super pretty aircraft and a real work horse, especially when it had a real test due to our "cough allies" forbidding us to fly over their territory when we were on route to and from the Libya Attacks to take out Qaddafi .


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