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We don't like them down here. Terrible reputation for electrical faults, no diesel, no manual box, shitty towing rating, poor after sales service. Hair dressers wagon.
Almost same issues here, but we dont tow so everyone thatcan afford one has one. But now the 79 is gaining some followers too, just a bit more expensive as it has to be sourced from the Mid East
I don't reckon they sold any of them down here. Nice.
According to Wikipedia these cars are virtually non-existant in Oz and those that are came at a steep price. "...249 vehicles sold in Australia, at a cost between approx. A$73,000 to A$83,000."
I can remember seeing the odd one on the roads of the UK when I was there in the 1990s and liking the look of them.

That is a good score.
this year one of my child dream become real - I could sit behind the wheel of the very first Tatra winner of the Rallye Dakar - funcional and original Tatra T-815 VD 10 300 4x4.1 for Rallye Dakar 1988. But I didn't dare turn the ignition key of the beautiful Tatra air-cooled V8 ?










my the second strong enjoyment of this year - I could sit behind the driving stick of the very first Tatra/NW truck from 1898 year - the second oldest truck with combustion engines ever made in the world (in this case - Tatra factorie's remake from 1979), only one year after the first Daimler's truck.





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Wow mate, that Tatra Dakar rally truck is very cool!! Thanks for posting that!
Wow mate, that Tatra Dakar rally truck is very cool!! Thanks for posting that!
... Today Karel Loprais, the driver of the Tatra race truck from 1988, 6x Rally Dakar winner, 11x on the podium, Czech race legend, passed away.

Odočívej v pokoji, RIP, Monsieur Dakar
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I just wish they would concentrate on making one with working indicators and a built-in highway code................:rolleyes:

Also, what colour goes down on your log book?

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