Photos FN FAL & it's derivatives around the world

You have to wonder what happened to that girl, how are things in Nicaragua, will she already be deported or exiled in another country without nationality...

A member of the Royal Canadian Dragoons Reconnaissance Squadron, deployed as part of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP), during a patrol. (DND, Library and Archives Canada)
Dutch Marine manning a checkpoint with his FN FALO 7.62mm squad automatic weapon as part of Operation Provide Comfort 1991.

Dutch FALO sqd wpn.......Great photo of this! Thanks for posting! (Y)
since 1954, providing His Majesty's troops...gif,01
Replaces a few things and is exactly the same equipment as a US soldier
We took our SLR to gulf war 1, we got off the herc, told to chuck our rifle in a pick up, 4 weeks later sqn Co asked what’s in that ISO, well 200 rusty SLR was the answer. So we had to clean em up, and then had weekly inspection….

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