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Site help Fair Use Of Images

Discussion in 'Site Help' started by Bombardier, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. Bombardier

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    This is a useful video that explains fair use and explains how you can employ the concept of “Fair Use” under US copyright law to legally reuse content; offers relevant tools to support your own fair use analysis; and shows how you can find images available for reuse without permission.

    Here is the page containing the video and other useful information.

    At MI.Net we also accept the use of an image posted on a website that clearly owns copyright of an image (not simply sharing t from another) if the image contains a share button for common websites such as Facebook, Twitter Etc then it isunderstood that the owner of the copyrighted image wants the image to be shared. All we require you to do is insert a link back to the page where the image is located.

    Increasingly you will find images and textual work that carries a reuse policy, normally in the form of a Creative Commons licence (CC) if youuse an image with such conditions you must follow the instructions of that licence. For example the owner of the image or textual work might specify that proper credit is given and state what words are to be used, they may request that a link to the licence provided is placed with the image and that no alteration of the work is accepted.

    Here is a screen shot of some of the conditions a CC licence could contain

    If you are using your own work and dont want the work to be reused without permission then of course the safest thing would be to not post it however you could also follow these simple guidlines

    • State that it is your own work
    • State whether you allow the reuse of the work
    • State the reuse restrictions you want to apply to any reuse
    • State what accreditation you require the user to use (e.g Please credit Bombardier @ www.militaryimages.net when reusing this image)
    However looking back at the 'Fair use' information provided earlier in this post it may be that the reuse of your work could be considered to be 'Fair Use' and some of the restrictions set by you may not actually apply.

    For example an image posted on Mi.Net would be for no other purpose than discussion and educational purposes and very likely fall into the 'Fair Use' conditions.

    At MilitaryImages.Net we respect the rights of copyright ownership and should an owner feel strongly enough that their work should not be used then of course we will work closely with them to rectify the problem.

    This is meant to be a guideline and I have to stress that I am not a Copyright Lawyer so take the information for what it is and dont quote me. The information was found via simple web searches and is what it is.

    I would graciously respect and listen to any information provided that clarifies any of the above.

    For our members we would simply remind you to be good internet citizens, a link to the page you found the images is always a good thing. You could also contact the website and ask for permission, I have done this many times.

    Dont forget that if an image is marked as Public Domain then it can be reused without any conditions
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