Question? Facebook what do you think?


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Jan 21, 2002
Well I am sre you have all seen the news about how Facebook have been mis-using our information, so what do you all think about FB?

Do you have an account?
How often did you use it?
What do you think abourt how FB have misused your information?

Lots of my friends have deleted their accounts based on this abuse of trust, will you ?
I use it to stay in contact with family back in Ireland, and it was a way to reconnect with old military buddies, I also belong to a few Militarily, medal, Military History orientated groups,cant complain its a free service, as for ads just bin them, also block twats who are out to cause controversy with claims in regards to nazis, juice or anti-Covid / Conspiracy theory twats.
I have it, use it a lot, dont really give a crap about the other nonsense. As for their misuse of info, well good luck to that. I'm pretty sure theres an intel officer rehab for officers assigned to me and just getting sick and tired of airplane picts and memes.
Had it, but dumped it over five years ago and for me, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. The account is dormant and I can go back to it if I want which I have done precisely once for about ten minutes after the London Bridge attack in 2017. Logged into it to make sure some friends in the area weren't caught up in it. As soon as I knew they weren't - I deactivated it again.
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It's a necessary evil to dialog with some virtual communities.

The latest, insanely annoying thing they are doing is posting much more random "friend-style" posts into one's post stream, posts that are actually advertising for interest groups or retail facebook "front pages". Extremely annoying.
My FB feed is overwhelmed with ads and reels that I don’t give a toss about, yet I’m staying there for the necessary evil as EuroAmerican said: keeping in touch with people.

Older millennial here, and the reels they impose on my feed is a trick they have found to try and confronts TikToks growing success.

I don’t use Twitter or TikTok. Tried Twitter for a bit but few people are on there or just use pseudonyms. I hate the interface and it’s mostly crap.