Photos F-4 Phantom II Paradise


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Turkish Air Force formation flight with F-4E 2020 Terminator and F-16C's.

F-4B Phantom, British Royal Navy (mate).
Several American Phantoms operated from British Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier "Ark Royal" during February and March 1973, during which time the aircraft pictured developed a fault before the ship docked in Malta. Because US personnel were unwelcome there at the time, the F-4B was relocated discretely to the hangar deck for maintenance. When it emerged, it bore the tail markings of an F-4K of the Fleet Air Arm’s Royal Navy 892 Squadron.
An F-4K from FAA 892nd Squadron taking the lift down to the hangar deck of HMS Ark Royal (Circa August 1971). Notice the folded nose radome? 57ft in length, the mighty F-4K was far too big to fit on HMS Ark Royal's 53ft aft lift.
German Luftwaffe F-4F "38+10" taking off from Wittmund AB, 28-06-2013.


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