Photos F-4 Phantom II Paradise

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USMC F-4J PHANTOM II 'VMFA-232 Red Devils'
F-4D's of 435th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 8th Tactical Fighter Wing, over Vietnam, off the wing of a Boeing KC-135A Stratotanker. Both Phantoms are armed with three SUU-30/B cluster bombs (right wing), three LAU-3 rocket launchers (left wing) and six Mk 82 227 kg bombs (centerline). F-4D 66-7576 was written off in Vietnam on 30 July 1972.
(5/9/1972): F-4J PHANTOM II Aircraft


Caption: Attack Carrier Air Wing Nine (CVW-9) wait on the after flight deck of USS CONSTELLATION (CVA-64) in the Gulf of Tonkin to be launched on air strikes in the Haiphong area of North Vietnam, USN Image/Nhhc