Photos F-4 Phantom II Paradise

435th TFS F-4Ds over Vietnam
F-4J Phantom #153783 Vandy 1 was perhaps one of the most easily recognizable markings of any of its kind. Sporting the colors of the VX-4. Number 3783 was painted all black and emblazoned with the white bunny on the vertical stabilizer.
Two McDonnell Douglas F-4J Phantoms of fighter squadron VF-194 Red Lightnings intercept a soviet Tu-95 Bear reconnaissance plane on 10 March 1977. VF-194 was assigned to Carrier Air Wing Fifeteen (CVW-15) aboard the aircraft carrier USS Coral Sea (CV-43). Note the experimental camouflage scheme of the Phantoms. The crew of the F-4S nearer to the camera was William Dvorak/J.T. Walior, the other was Don Duffington/Wayne Cheatum.
McDonnell Douglas F-4F Phantom (38+29)
Serial #: 4691, 74th Fighter Wing (Jagdgeschwader 74, JG-74), (Deutsche Luftwaffe), Neuburg AB, Germany at RIAT 2005