Photos F-4 Phantom II Paradise

F-4J Phantom II (VF-96 / CVW-9) embarked aboard USS Constellation (CVA 64) - 1972 (National Naval Aviation Museum)
The distinctively sharper camera nose on the RF-4, the unarmed photographic reconnaissance version of the USAF's F-4C, gave it a speed advantage over its brethren.


(Photo by Ted Carlson/
F-4 Phantom XT892 of Treble One Squadron in a spirited departure from RW24 at RAF Luqa, Malta.

This photo taken by LT JG Anderson on April 24, 1967 from a plane in formation shows ENS. James W. Lainge of VF-114 ejecting from an F-4B Phantom II over the Tonkin Gulf after a mission to Kep Airfield in North Vietnam. While returning to the USS Kitty Hawk (CVA-63) the decision was made to eject from the aircraft. The pilot would eject shortly after this photo was taken.

ENS. James W. Lainge can be seen riding his Martin-Baker Mk. H-5 ejection seat above the aircraft. The extended middle section of the catapult tube is visible in the now empty aft cockpit.