Photos F-4 Phantom II Paradise

RAF 74 Squadron McDonnell F-4M Phantom FGR.2 XT901/O
Today in 1958, the McDonnell F4H-I Phantom II flew for the first time. The Phantom II is notable for its length of time in service, its ability to perform its mission, and the large number produced

HAPPY 63rd BIRTHDAY to the venerable F-4 Phantom!! What a plane...nothing like her!! ,-usa,-uk,=ger?????????????
Phantom FGR2, XV416, of No 111 Squadron RAF displays its weapons load consisting of Sparrow and Sidewinder Air to Air Missiles, while in low level flight along the British coastline in late 1974.
F-4 Phantom FGR.2 XV482 'L' of 29 Sqn during an APC at RAF Luqa in October 1975. The first cell of 3 jets had arrived lunch time but a Vulcan crashed before the other two cells arrived and they had to divert to Sigonella while the fire service was attending to the Vulcan crash outside the airfield. Date was Oct 14th.

F-4 Phantom XV442 belonging to 29 Sqn climbing out of RAF Luqa, Malta, in 1978. This particular jet is now buried at Mount Pleasant Airport, Falkland Islands.

F-4E Phantom of the Hellenic Air Force seen during an exercise in Andravida AB, Greece in 2019.

F-4D Phantom taxiing out to the 'last chance' before departing from RAF Bentwaters to Sigonella in 1978.

A Hellenic Air Force McDonnell Douglas F-4E AUP Phantom II ('01618') taking off from its homebase Andravida to participate in the morning mission of exercise Iniochos back in 2019.


The Phantom entered service with the HAF in 1974 under the arms programme “Peace Icarus”. Although it is a second-generation aircraft, 36 Hellenic Phantoms have been upgraded with advanced electronics (programme “Peace Icarus 2000”), extending their operational life. They are based in Andravida air base (117 Combat Wing), and operate for the 338 and 339 Squadrons with call signs “Aris” and “Aias” respectively.
"This particular jet is now buried at Mount Pleasant Airport, Falkland Islands."

"Buried" please explain this one...?? How's it buried??