Photos F-4 Phantom II Paradise

F-4C 67TFS 18TFW 1974
'XV579' 'R' Phantom FG.1 from No. 43 'Fighting Cocks' Squadron RAF on take-off from Luqa Malta on 6th March 1978, note rear view mirror on rear canopy (Godfrey Mangion).

ASDF McDonnell Douglas (Mitsubishi) F-4EJ Kai Phantom II returning back to its home base in Hyakuri following its IRAN (Inspect and Repair As Necessary) at Mistubishi Heavy Industries located at Nagoya Komaki Air Base.


In 2020, this airframe was adorned with a special livery to celebrate the final year of operations before the retirement of the Japanese phantoms operating for 301 squadron.
F-4J Phantom II (BuNo. 157270) of fighter squadron VF-114 Aardvarks about to launch from the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk (CVA-63) during the deployment to Vietnam between 06 Nov 1970 and 17 Jul 1971.
Phantom F.G.R.2 'XV423' 'R' from 'Flying Can Opener' Squadron is photographed vacating Park 4 at Luqa Malta on 20th September 1973. Of note is Vulcan on Park 5 behind (Godfrey Mangion).

Over the barrier wire is Phantom FG.1 'XV577' 'M' from No.43 Squadron RAF. What's the use of camouflage when they gave pilots white dome helmets to wear?? Date is 6th March 1978 (Godfrey Mangion).

F-4N Phantom II fighter (BuNo 151008) from Fighter Squadron VF-111 Sundowners being catapulted from the aircraft carrier USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CV-42) in February 1977. VF-111 was assigned to Carrier Air Wing 19 (CVW-19) for FDR´s final cruise to the Mediterranean Sea from 4 October 1976 to 21 April 1977. Franklin D. Roosevelt was decommissioned on 30 September 1977.
VF-92 F-4J Phantom II on board USS Constellation (CVA 64) during the squadron’s last deployment, October 1974. The Silver Kings made nine combat cruises to Vietnam.

Phantom FGR.2 'XV471' from No.29 Squadron RAF just landed at Luqa Malta on 27th January 1978 still with chute streaming. (Godfrey Mangion).