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Jan 21, 2002
Hey Eagle!, just heard about the floods in the Mississipi area.
I hope you are Ok buddy, please let us know how you and your family are as soon as you can mate.
A lot of lives have been lost in the floods, my sympathy goes out to all affected.
Hope everythings O.K. there. our thoughts are with you all.sal;
Hi all, We are all fine here. Fortunately, we were on the outskirts of the storm. We did get wind and rain, but except for a lose of electricity for 2 or 3 days, we're all ok. Thanks and god bless for caring, guys. rbo; rbo;

Go to this site to get updated news:www.alertnet.org
and click on Katrina.
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I join in the concern and relief that all is ok Irv! I've been away and not had much chance to jump into the site. I'm glad the chaps have enquired. All the best to you and yours! No chance of the missus losing the fridge magnet set then?!:)
Thanks, Zofo. All is well here. She's still got all her magnets so far. Only problem we have so far is gas for our vehicles. All the stations are out now. :mad: :mad:
How is Angola doing with the extra "guests"? Hopefully you've got enough food, power etc to look after everyone. No trouble I hope; there'd better not be or a good threat is to send 'em back again! Good to see morale is high! How do you go about getting to/from work, shopping (if shops have stuff to sell) etc with no gas? Mark 1 foot or horse??? Looking forward to finding out that one!

With all the water rising, how are "your" critters taking it? Any sightings of alligators or crocs looking for an easy meal?
Hi, Andy and Zofo. The death toll is now expected to rise into the tens of thousands. We finally got gas but while I was at work, I heard that during gas sales at our local Walmart, a man jumped into line ahead of some others and another man shot him! Can you imagine? As far as our extra guests at Angola, we've had afew incidents but nothing serious yet. However, that is subject to change. We have so many, some have been placed in a tent city on the rodeo gronds inside the main prison complex.No crocs, but gators aplenty in New Orleans.
Watching the developments as they go along on the BBC site and a sister military site where they do like to kick ten tons of crap out of each other! What a fecking nightmare this is turning out to be! Tent city and 'gators in N.O.! The mind boggles - I guess you'll have to get gas in a kevlar suit. Bad news - stay safe mate!
Hey Eagle
Whats the sitauation now, is everything back to normality now ?
10-4, buddy. All is about back to normal. All of our "guests" have gone now. Gas is still above $2.00 a gallon but everything is looking good. Unfortunately, the mayor of N.O.had the bad taste to say he's going to make N.O. a "Chocolate city" and he's got both the black and the white communities highly perturbede at him. I think he just committed political suicide.:mad::mad::mad: