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Quote/Poem Enemies burned native hut

Discussion in 'All other military discussion' started by diman, May 9, 2015.

  1. diman Russian Federation

    diman Mi Captain MI.Net Member

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    Enemies burned native hut,
    Ruined his family.
    Where will now go soldier
    Who carry their grief?

    Soldiers went in deep grief
    At the intersection of two roads
    Soldier found in the wide field
    Overgrown grass mound.

    Cost soldiers - and like lumps
    Stuck in his throat.
    The soldier said: "Meet, Praskovya
    Hero-her husband.

    Prepare for guest entertainment,
    Served in a large hut table -
    Your day, your holiday Returned
    To you I come to celebrate ... "

    No one soldier did not answer,
    No it is not met,
    It was only a warm summer breeze
    Grass gravestone rocked.

    Sighed soldiers strap adjusted,
    He opened his bag camping,
    Bitter bottle set
    The gray stone coffin.

    "Do not blame me, Praskovya
    What I have come to you like this:
    I wanted drink to the health,
    A must drink for the peace.

    Converge again friends, girlfriends,
    But we do not come together for ever ... "
    And the soldiers drank copper mugs
    Wine with grief in half.

    He drank - a soldier, a servant of the people,
    And with a heavy heart to say:
    "I came to you for four years,
    I won three powers ... "

    Hmelel soldiers, a tear rolled,
    Tear dashed hopes,
    And on his chest shone
    Medal for Budapest.


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