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Edinburgh Castle

Discussion in 'Military Museums' started by HighlandSniper58, May 4, 2004.

  1. Besides the castle itself with the Scots Crown Jewels, Edinburgh Castle is home to three military museums.

    The Royal Scots Museum
    The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (Caribineers & Greys)
    The Scottish War Museum

    All well worth the visit - 10/10
  2. When I was 12 my family took a vacation from the States to Scotland to visit relatives. We took a side trip to Edinburgh. A beautiful city and a fantastic Castle. I was very impressed! We went everywhere that was open to the public, down into the old prison area, as well as into a museum. I don't recall the name of the museum, but I do remember seeing a piece of chocolate that was left over from the Boer war I believe, it didn't look to tasty.
    I also took several pictures of all the cannon, including Mons Meg (I'm not sure on the spelling). The monster cannon that looks out over the Firth. I would love to go again someday. They were getting ready for the Tattoo as well, unfortunately we didn't get to stay for that.

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