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A French national who served with 22 SAS during the Operation Overlord in WW2. He escaped from France through Spain and Portugal finally arriving in England.

He initially served with the Pioneer Corps before joining SAS at the age of 19. He served with the SAS as part of a small three man team consisting of an American and British soldier to harass German troops behind the lines. He now lives in a small village adjacent to Pegasus Bridge near Caen.

Almost 900 United Kingdom servicemen and women will join thousands of D Day veterans in Normandy to commemorate the 60th anniversary of what remains the biggest military operation ever undertaken.

The veterans, the youngest of whom are in their late 70s, will join other allied old soldiers from Canada, France and the USA to take part in ceremonies to remember those who gave their lives during Operation Overlord sixty years ago.
Remembering the sacrifice and bravery of all nations involved in Operation Overlord.

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“We cannot afford to fail.”General Eisenhower, the Supreme Commander in the run-up to D-Day.

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Please feel free to post anything connected to Operation Overlord here, if you have any photos and short stories about any of the men and women involved that would be great :)

William was parachuted into Normandy for the D-Day landings and said he wasn't even scared. He is very proud of his military career, and tries attends memorial services whenever he can.

Born on the Isle of Skye, Mr MacLean moved to Edinburgh when he was a child and has lived there most of his life.

He received the Croix de Guerre with Bronze Star, from the French, for organising fire-fighting parties at an ammunition dump at great risk to himself.

Born on the 26th March 1925 in Handsworth, died on the 26th September 2014 and was buried at Hanworth Cemetery after the service at Worcester Crematorium on the 9th October 2015 he was aged 89. He served in and was a former Warwickshire Regiment sniper when he landed on Gold Beach in June 1944 during the D-Day landings. He has no children and no know living relatives.

Flight Sergeant 1808098 Sidney Joseph Marshall died at the age of 90 on the 16th June 2014 at his home at Lytham St Annes, Lancashire. He took part in the D-Day landings
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I met Frank at the D Day museum in Southsea, Portsmouth in 2007 and enjoyed listening to some of his stories of the Normandy invasion. Frank landed at Normandy with the 2nd Battalion the Gloucesters on Gold Beach - 6th June. I cannot thank him enough for sharing some of his experiences with me.


Mulberry Harbour
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Members of the 6th Airborne Division being briefed in preparation for D-Day code-named 'Operation Overlord'.

In the early hours of the 6th June, Allied airborne forces parachuted into drop zones across northern France. Ground troops then landed across five assault beaches - Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword. By the end of the day, the Allies had established a foothold along the coast and could begin their advance into France.

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