Photos Cypriot National Guard

Cyprus Air Command Mil Mi-35P overlooking pentadaktylos mountain

"Othellos" Anti-Aircraft system and Atlas Mistral V-SHORAD during Saint Michael's Celebration in Cyprus. "Othellos" consists of Skyguard Radar and Fire Control centre, 2X Aspide 2000 launchers and 2X Oerlikon GDF 35mm twin autocannons.

From left to right: radar module, Aspide 2000 missile (20km range), GDF twin 35mm system, dual Mistral launcher (7km in the latest version)
Cypriot Underwater Demolition Team (MYK) operator during training with U.S. Naval Special Warfare SEALs, Sep. 7, 2021
Okay friend @Killhood93 , not all of us know the military structures of all countries or their security conditions, you say that this is a military page where we all come to share and learn; I believe that our friend @Stevexs misused the term and will give the excuses of the case at the time in an open manner or to the directly affected.
For now, the training given to the priests is very interesting, it never hurts, my father says "every day you learn something new, and everything you learn will be useful at some point"
Annual Rifle Shooting of National Guard Units, with the participation of a Group of National Guards of the Greek Armed Forces.
It turned out that the Greek Cypriot administration, which did not put an end to its provocative steps against the TRNC, finally armed the priests and gave military training.
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First of all it's called THE REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS. It is a state that it's recognized from every nation on Earth (except Turkey) and it is also e EU Member State. The "TRNC" is not a state. It is recognized ONLY bu turkey. So stop it right there.
Regarding the Priests training, it is nothing strange. All men in Cyprus (aslo in Greece) are obligated to compulsory military service. When this service ends, they become Reservists, and they are called for military training from time to time.
Don't do that again. This is a photo thread. Take the political BS somewhere else!

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