Quiz Corrected Jackpot Question No.2.

Derrick Stephenson

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Feb 7, 2004
1) I originate from Bombay, India.
2) I am over 180 years old.
3) I am the oldest member of my type in the U.K., and 2nd. oldest in the World.
4) I was originally named after a city captured by England from the French, which was located on an Island in the Indian Ocean.
5) My role was changed late in the 19th. century, and my name early in the 20th., before I reverted back to my original name in the 1990's.
6) I am now part of a top attraction in the U.K.

A) What am I, and what is my original name?
B) What was my changed name?
C) Where can I now be found?

Because of my carelessness in not checking facts, I will add 100 Milcreds to the prize, so this one starts at 200 Milcreds.
Best of luck to you.
1. I was built as HMS Trincomalee, a Frigate of the Leda class in Bombay 1816-17
2. My name was changed to TS Foudroyant in 1903
3. I am now berthed in Hartlepool with my old name of HMS Trincomalee, I am the second oldest warship still afloat, the oldest being USS Constitution.

Oddly - I had thought this was the answer to your original question, but the clues confused me.
Go on H.S., rub it in!!!
You are totally correct, I thought it might last a bit longer.
The confusion arose because someone misrepresented a reference to the city of Trincomalee being captured from the French, as the ship Trincomalee being captured by the French.
For photos, info., etc., go to : www.hms-trincomalee.co.uk/
Well done Rob, my 100 Milcreds on the way, and Bombardier will pay you 100 Milcreds from the Jackpot fund, plus your 20 back, if he has deducted them.
I'm obviously going to have to go back to my devious self!!
Many, many thanks.

As I said before once I had got the ridiculous idea of Dodos out of my head, I had a good idea that you were heading in the direction of HMS Trincomalee - and Nelson's navy is a current interest of mine - OK, I know Trincomalee was built 11 years post-Trafalgar, but she is on my list of "Must visits" along with HMS Victory.

Incidentally, did you know there is another RN Frigate only 8 years younger still afloat in Dundee. HMS Unicorn was built 1824, but unlike Trincomalee spent almost her entire life as a training ship.
Well done Hs!, :cool: .
Hey derrick, get you inserting links and all, your really getting the hang of this aint ya? :mrgreen:
You betcha, gotta promote interesting things in your Home Town Buddy, especially to afficionadoes like our Members.
Anyway, if you all visit, my poll tax might reduce!!! :D :D
OK guys - let's all go visit Derrick................. ;)
Yeehaw!, I hopes yas gotsa lotsa whiskey and stuff derrick. :shock:
What like val doonican LOL :mrgreen:
Nah, only softies wear jumpers, and I don't have a rocking chair, yet!!!
More Cliff Richard, The Eagles, Status Quo, Marty Robbins, Jim Reeves, - you know, the Oldies but Goodies.
Hey Status Quo, I like it....I like it,I like it, I la la la like it and so on and so forth. :roll:

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