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Flying Officer J B Burnside, the flight engineer on board an Avro Lancaster B Mark III of No. 619 Squadron RAF based at Coningsby, Lincolnshire, checks settings on the control panel from his seat in the cockpit.

Norwegian sailors asked permission to help in the clearing up of the Plymouth streets after the "blitz". Here they are busy on the ruins of a building.


(Photo source - © IWM A 3546)
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American B-25 bombers escorted by F4U Corsair fighters head to bomb Japanese positions during World War II...

US Bombarderos Estadounidenses B-25 escoltados por cazas F4U Corsair.jpg
First Battles of the Somme 1918.
Whippet tanks preparing to retire near Albert, 28 March 1918.
Whippet A267 "Cork II" and others with wooden 'track spuds' stowed at the rear.
Whippet tanks of the 3rd Battalion were the first ever to come into action at Mailly-Maillet on 26 March 1918.


(Photo source - © IWM Q 9817)
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The development of Heinkel He 177 Greif, which ultimately became to be Luftwaffe’s only operational long-range heavy bomber, was dubbed the ‘flaming coffin’ by its crews as overheating was the cause of so many engine fires.
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Two airmen of No. 2866 Rifle Squadron RAF Regiment celebrate the end of the Italian campaign with a special issue of beer, while sitting on top of their Daimler Mark I Scout Car. On the left is Leading Aircraftman H Fowden of London, and on the right, Leading Aircraftman J Mills of Colchester, Essex.


(Photo source - © IWM (CNA 3557)
Abbott, L H (Flight Lieutenant)
Royal Air Force official photographer
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Men of the 2nd BN Lancashire Fusiliers, supported by Achilles 17pdr tank destroyers, wait to go forward near Ferrara, North Italy, 22 April 1945.

This "new" Bf-109 was lost on 03/24/1943 near Rørvik Norway. German pilot Günther Seraphim was rescued. The plane was rediscovered "nose down" at the bottom of the sea. It was recovered in 2010 and restored and now resides at the The National Norwegian Aviation Museum.
The German heavy cruiser Admiral Graf Spee, of the Deutschland class, photographed in the port of the Spanish city of Ceuta, in North Africa, during the ship's visit to the city on April 27, 1939
Gun camera still taken from a Bristol Beaufighter TF Mark X of No. 455 Squadron RAAF, just after the pilot fires all 8 of his RP-3 rockets at a German minesweeper during a joint attack by the Langham and North Coates Strike Wings on shipping lying at anchor off Marsdiep, Holland, 25/09/1944.
A convoy of lorries under enemy artillery and mortar fire on the road between Son and Eindhoven, 20 September 1944. In the foreground American paratroopers shelter in a ditch. Operation Market Garden
Captain David McCampbell showing his work, he completed WW2 with 34 victories

US NAVY Captain David McCampbell1.jpg
In March of 1945, 19 year old paratrooper James Conboy Jr of the 17th Airborne Division ready for his combat jump during Operation Varsity.

US ARMY paratrooper James Conboy Jr of the 17th Airborne Division.jpg

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