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The experience and professionalism of our Colombian Air Force allows it, for the fourth time, to once again represent our country in the most important international air combat exercise in the world. We are Colombia in Red Flag Rescue 2021!
Colombian frigate destroys warship with SSM-700K C-Star missile

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The Navy of Colombia successfully tested and for the first time in their territory the modern and powerful SSM-700K C-star anti-ship missiles that are deployed in the four Admiral Padilla-class missile frigates that operate under the jurisdiction of the Surface Flotilla and the Caribbean Naval Force.
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A USAF A-10 Warhog and two Colombian Air Force (FAC) Super Tucanos fly in formation during the military air exercises Red Flag Rescue 21-1 in the United States.

Second Lieutenant Robayo of the Colombian National Army, a Colombian woman who is making a military leadership course in the United Kingdom Dedication, discipline, effort and a military vocation have made Officer María José Robayo one of the most academically outstanding women in the alma mater of the Colombian National Army. During the passage through the General José María Córdova Military Cadet School, the men and women who are trained as officers of the National Army also choose a complementary career, but there are those who seek to obtain more professional achievements. A clear example is Second Lieutenant María José Robayo Rojas, a young Colombian born in the eastern plains, who decided to join the Military Academy, at the age of 20, beginning her studies in Military Sciences and Civil Engineering, during the three years of training she obtained excellent qualifications, thanks to this she obtained a study commission in the United Kingdom, taking a Leadership Course for 14 months. In this academic process, Second Lieutenant Robayo not only completed her studies in one of the best military academies in the world, but she also rose to that country as a British officer. "Through this commission I was able to acquire different knowledge at a cultural, professional and personal level, which are of vital importance to be able to transmit it to the units that will be under my leadership and fulfill the mission of the National Army." Second Lieutenant Robayo highlighted. María José Robayo Rojas is proud to have represented her country and the National Army; We know that she will have a successful career with excellent results that will provide security and development in the Colombian territory.

A Colombian Air Force KFIR combat jet fighter fly overhead of two Frigates of the Colombian Navy during aero naval military exercises
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From Fort Polk, Louisiana, United States, troops of the Colombian National Army are in a bilateral training with the US Army for operational effectiveness.


Colombian Amry Soldier Hernández belongs to the Wacuraba indigenous community in the department of Vaupés. Hernández, fuses his roots and ancestral culture with his Military Vocation and is clear that to serve Colombia there are no barriers.

Homeland Honor Loyalty !!!

The School of Military Parachuting welcomes the new students of the Military Parachuting course No. 872, who with vocation, begin their training to achieve the distinctive of the Golden Wings. "Skydiver to the End" Success to all!

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