Photos Coalition Forces In Afghanistan

28 April 2010. Captain Julian Hohnen, Officer Commanding a combined Australian and Afghan Army patrol base in the Baluchi Valley Region mentors Afghan National Army Officer, Lieutenant Farhad Habib. All across the MTF1 area of operations partnered mentoring is being conducted on mounted and dismounted combined patrols with ever increasing security presence being experienced by local communities from the Southern Baluchi Valley to the Northern Chora reaches as well as east through the Mirabad.
Section Commander Sergeant Todd Langley, 2nd Commando Regiment, KIA 4 July 2011. Two tours of Timor Leste, five of Afghanistan. A boardgamer, a book nerd, a husband and dad to four kids.
NZSAS in Kabul with Afghan C.R.U in August 2011
The armoured ATC tower at the, then, Tarin Kowt dirt strip which was quoted in 2009 as the busiest dirt strip in Afghanistan.

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Fitting a Dutch YPR-765 in a civil South African Hercules at Tarin Kowt.
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A rare visitor, a South African turbo prop Dakota at Tarin Kowt. It had a crew of two males and a female. For self-protection the crew had bought a handgun for when they had to make an emergency landing. The crew told us that they sometimes were being fired upon from above because the fully loaded aircraft in hot and high conditions had to fly through the valleys instead of high over the mountains. Great crew and I hope they made it without scratches!
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Special forces from the Norwegian Navy (Marinejegerkommandoen MJK)
A Bundeswehr soldier, with ISAF, monitors the area on a mountain during a sweep mission with an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team outside Fayzabad, north of Kabul, Afghanistan, on 20 of September 2008.
French Mountain Commandos (Groupement de Commandos de Montagne, GCM) during a patrol on foot in Kapisa, Afghanistan, 2009. The female soldier is an attached combat nurse.
B Flight, 27 Squadron, Royal Air Force Regiment take a break near Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan, Jan. 2, 2010
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Not to nit pick but that date can't be right based on the fact we left KAF in 2013 and the kit they were wearing went OOS prior to 2010.
Thanks mate, fixed. several sources give it as January 2010 (Y)
6 September 2011. Australian soldiers of Mentoring Task Force Three (MTF-3) prepare to fire the M3 Carl Gustav 84mm Medium Direct Fire Support Weapon (MDFSW) after coming into contact with Taliban fighters at Doan in Uruzgan Province
Ben Pronk from Australian SASR returning from a long range reconnaissance patrol in the mountains of Afghanistan, just months after 9/11. 2002

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