Photos Coalition Forces - Gulf War II

Members of the Royal Australian Navy Clearance Diving Team Three (CDT3) and an Australian Army LCM-8 inspecting camouflaged mines hidden inside oil barrels on the deck of an Iraqi shipping barge, 21 March 2003
Sea Kings carrying Royal Marines from 40 Commando take off from HMS Ark Royal, during the assault of the Al Faw peninsula, Iraq in 2003
A convoy of High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV), assigned to D/Company, 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Marines Division, in Northern Iraq during a sandstorm. 26 March 2003
Members of W Company Mortar Platoon, 1st Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, prepare to engage enemy targets after an intense evening of incoming fire on the front line just south of Basra, Iraq. 26 March 2003.
A soldier from Number 1 Company 1st Battalion, The Irish Guards, provides cover as Royal Engineer technicians prepare to cap a burning oil well in Basra, Iraq. 3 April 2003.
U.S. Army soldiers guarding a burning oil well in the Rumaylah Oil Fields in Southern Iraq. 2 April 2003
22 SAS Operators about to enter and clear a building as part of a nighttime DA raid
Navy Corpsmen carry a deceased US Marine after receiving his last rites at the naval hospital in Iraq. 15 April 2003
Polish JW GROM member getting ready for a mission in the Chenoweth DPV equipped with Mk19 40mm grenade launcher and M2 .50 cal.
Marines from 3rd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, during a mission on the outskirts of Baghdad to seize the East Bridge which was one of the main access routes to Baghdad on April 6, 2003
Members of the Ukrainian Army’s 19th NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) Battalion practice decontamination skills at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. 3 August 2003
A Marine from 3/4 carries a wounded comrade after one of their AAVs received a direct hit from an artillery shell. Baghdad, Iraq April 7, 2003

“The Marines from 3/4 were 11 miles southeast of Baghdad and positioned to cross the Nahr Dyala bridge when one of their Amphibious Assault Vehicles took a direct hit from an artillery shell. I was standing around the corner of a building overlooking the river we were about to cross when the explosion occurred. I ran back to see what had happened. The Iraqis must've had a spotter somewhere close by as the shelling was accurate and the position was strategic. The injured Marine had been flattened by the explosion and near the vehicle when a heavy metal hatch cover landed on his legs. The two Marines inside the AAV were killed instantly. With a burst of adrenaline, the one Marine picked up his friend (weighing 40-50 pounds more with the body armor and ammunition) and ran him to a medical vehicle. Two days later the Marines from 3/4 entered Baghdad. They were positioned near the Palestine Hotel at Ferdous Square where they helped pull the Saddam Hussein statue down. I heard later the injured Marine suffered a fractured leg and a punctured eardrum. Four or five years later, I heard the other Marine had been injured in Iraq and was in serious condition at a hospital in Texas. War takes an enormous toll on all those who participate.”

Robert Nickelsberg

April 7, 2003
OH-58 Kiowa Warrior helicopters assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division are shrink wrapped and ready to be loaded onto the Military Sealift Command ship USNS Seay (T-AKR 302), for deployment to Iraq. Naval Weapons Station Charleston, South Carolina. 8 August 2003
Polish soldiers with an Iraqi child. March 11, 2005.
Personnel from SECDET X, which included members of 3rd Brigade, get ready to go out on mission from Forward Operating Base Union III March 1. The "Diggers" escort the Australian ambassador and diplomats while they travel in the International Zone and the streets of Baghdad. March 2007
Port side view of Invincible class aircraft carrier HMS ILLUSTRIOUS (R 06) underway through the Arabian Sea followed by Cassard class destroyer JEAN BART (D 615) during Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. 1 February 2002
Spc. Eric Leon stands security watch with an M-240B machine gun during a cordon and search operation with Iraqi army soldiers in Diwaniyah, Iraq, Sept. 16, 2006. Leon is with 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team. 16 September 2006

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