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Dec 19, 2015
Its always been a big thing for the military to take photos of the enemies flags captured in all conflicts.
I find them really interesting and the amount of the interweb is astonishing.
I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread here to collate as many as we can find.

Here are the first ten and many more will follow I am sure :)

180withflag (Small).jpg
A British flag captured in Eastern Africa, 1940.gif
American soldiers holding captured Japanese flag on Guadalcanal.jpeg
German soldiers display a captured Russian flag.jpg
Sikh soldier of the 11th Sikh Regiment with a captured Nazi flag in Italy.jpg
Soldiers of the SS Division Das Reich captured Soviet flag.jpg
tumblr_lvbngxP4BL1qgxmc6o1_500 (Small).jpg
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The British flag you posted was captured by the Germans in Eastern Africa, 1940
Soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division (South Africa) display a trophy following engagement with Italian forces, Italian East Africa, 1941

Soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division captured italian flag East Africa, 1941.jpg
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Lt. Woody J. Cochran holding a Japanese flag, New Guinea, 04-01-1943 - NARA - 519155

captured jaoanese flag new guinea 1943.jpg

Argentine soldiers with captured Union Flag (Falklands War)

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Just out of curiosity, did the North Vietnamese or Vietcong go into battle with streaming flags and all, line infantry style? If not, am I correct to assume that the Soviets and Japanese were the last to follow flag bearers into combat in WW2?
Soviet soldiers with captured Taliban flags near Kandahar
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The Taliban weren't a thing until after the Soviet-Afghan War. I'd assume they're Mujahideen flags.

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