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Feb 29, 2004
Hope i can get some help with my new digital camera
data on the camera itself

- 5-in-1 Solution: Digital Still Camera, Digital Camcorder, PC Camera,Voice Recorder, and MP3.
- 3 Mega-pixels CMOS sensor, supporting up to 4 Mega-pixel hardware resolution ( Still Image )
- Sliding Front Cover.
- 1.5" TFT LCD for preview and/or replay video.
- Internal 16MB Flash memory.
- Built-in SD slot. i have a 128Mb card in here.
- 4X digital zoom and Flash light for delivering vivid images.

the problem i,m having is when i use the flash the picture white's out IE any white in the picture bleeds over the surrounding area, does anyone if there is there any way of toning down the white balance, as there doesn't seem to be a setting on the camera.
i have contacted the manufacture but have not received a reply :(

From my experience of digital camera/photography, this would indicate a White balance setting problem.

I assume that non-flash pix are fine. Check the manual and see if you can alter the white balance setting - if so, set this for flash before taking flash pix.
Droney, Did you ever get your problem sorted out? If not, try taking the pics with your flash turned off.
no flash and the pictures are fine, low light IE: indoors and in the words of the Beach Boys "White out"
In other words, even with the flash turned off indoors, you get whiteout?
no if i turn the flash off indoors the pictures are to dark,
turn the Flash on and its white out, there seems to be no happy medium.

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