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Are boys really able to accept females as 'one of the guys'?

My experience is that they are able to... until you treat them like you ARE one of the guys and then it gets all weird because their ego gets in the way and they are unable to fathom a female joking around with them without there being any hidden agenda. Which is absolute bull-crap.

A guy on basic was like this. We joked around and such for weeks. Had a blast right.. and then someone mentions dating within the platoon or something and I am like hell no. I would never think of that. I think I hurt his feelings or something because after that he ignored me. I was sad because like I said I had a blast smoking and joking with this guy.

His unit is based out of the same armouries as mine. He is infantry so I see him sometimes but he ignores me. I think it is sad that his ego has to get in the way of an otherwise perfectly good friendship.

Anyone else have this sort of problem with males? Thanks.
jeez, u got the rough end of the stick there girl, i may be male, but the majority of our 'men' are actually women.

Word of warning to any people on here who think they can discriminate gender-wise in the army: You better have a damn good reason.
That sort of thing doesn't just happen in the military! Check out any social situation and where all appears to be equal. Then somehow or another challenge the male ego (most likely you won't know how you've done it! :shock: ) and then watch this space.
For a damned good read into the male/female psyche, have a look at the "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" book. I thought it was going to be psychobabble but when the missus forced it on me it was quite a revelation. Stopped a heap load or arguements as well! Hopefully that doesn't make me too "New Man" - but us men are buggers for being challenged by the "weaker sex"!
Ah Dragon, that verbal argument point was masterful. Well done.

I'm afraid I have to side with Zofo on this one. As the father of five daughters and the husband of a wonderful wife, all I can say is "Vive le difference" or whatever it is the French say.

As for the question, can the boys ever accept a girl as one of the guys? I think I would be suspicious of any boy that totally accepted a female as just one of the guys. (see dating a Special Forces daughter under "Joker") Remember ladies, guys are basically ego driven by testosterone - until you reach my age where you're only left with traces of each.

But people, we are talking somewhat theoretical here, the purpose of a military is not just to look good, and boy some of those pictures Polar took do look good, but to fight a war. It would take a unique woman to handle the rigors of combat day in and day out so combat support is one thing, but ask Bill Farnie or Frisco Tom about a typical day of infantry life in combat.
I am sorry but this....
rotorwash said:
It would take a unique woman to handle the rigors of combat day in and day out so combat support is one thing, but ask Bill Farnie or Frisco Tom about a typical day of infantry life in combat.
is bull$*(%!!!!
I did not join service because I could not cut it with arty or any other trade. I simply do not care to join, infantry, a trade that has a 50% causaulty rate and that takes no intelligence to do. I could do the work and it really gets my hackles up if you say that I can not. That is all.
Please try and calm it down a tad! RW is pointing out a valid (up til now) point. He doesn't say you can't and doesn't claim that you can't. However, it is highly unlikely that a female can hack infantry stuff. It doesn't really matter about casualty rates and so on. The physical demands and rigours dictate the pace, not the sex. This is not meant to be a sexist thread but, apart from the Red Army in WWII using women's infantry battalions I don't know of any other women's units. If they exist, please let me know.
I'd also be v. careful about the infantry and intelligence needed bit. Our infanteers will, if they read the thread, like as not take offence.
I love how I am supposed to calm down but the infantry guys are justifed in getting angry! :p
Alls I'm saying is that there is no reason (sex or otherwise) that I can not do the job that the infantry does. I have simply decided not to. That is all.
Again, I am saying that the post is not directed at you personally. If you can do the infanteering well and good. I was stating that stamina, willpower and ability to tab (forced march) are not in womankind's favour. The infanteer's job is brutal (you only have to see recent events to confirm that). Saying that they lack intellingence is another matter altogether.
Hmmm, semms ive missed a bit, unfortunatly though im going with Elizabeth on this one, a couple of the ladies (I use the term cautiously) in my unit can actually outdo the local infantry, i don't know if it's what we have in our coffee or what but they are damn good at whatever they choose to do
I personally would never make an infantier but power to all the sisters that can xenasings;