Other Post Bloody Sunday - IRA Win Propaganda Battle


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Jan 26, 2016
I toured NI totalling 36 months during the 70s and 80s. Today my wife was watching John bishop in Ireland, in todays episode he was in Ireland doing a one man show and mentioned going 'across to the north' which was met with an almost stony silence. He got over that and ended up in Londonderry. Not Derry as he insisted in calling it. He then went on to say 'when the British Army opened fire on civilian marchers. At that point I left the room until the programme had ended. He completely glossed over the fact that the troops were fired upon first and from IRA guns. As I recall a gun man in nearby flats and one in the crowd. I hate this 'pc' world we are living in. Changing history at a whim without any condemnation from government or learned societies. The NI prosecution people, under the chair of PIRA legal eagles, is now, unchallenged, persecuting pensioners because they were involved in said 'incident'. And our government is scared stiff of interfering. Soldiers I hope will remember this when they next get fall in! In my home in Palace Barracks, I once killed an irish wasp that tried to sting me. Can I too expect a knock on the door? The govt said they cannot grant soldiers amnesty but the can, and did, grant irish terrorists the same.
Yes I saw it too and like you hate the manipulation of the facts - perhaps Mr Bishop would like to go to Enniskillen and see what the scum did there on Remembrance Day of all days.
We should have culled all of them (IRA) and even if we had to flush them out of Southern Ireland. Basically a bunch of criminals - Jerry Adams and his brother would have been the first two on my list
It makes me so mad that our troops should face any action over Ireland - Government need to grow a pair