Politics Black Sea Thread

FYI Russian warships visit Cuba on a regular basis.

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Because your carrier cannot go that far without 2 tugs as support
From your username on here, you should be aware that he is only one shot away from infamy (Y)

Shot yourself in the foot a bit there..............??
Putin would never drive around in open car. Not that stupid...

Did a good job with the Wagner mercenaries - spread like jam:rolleyes:
I have good news for you - they are already in Venezuela.

Because your carrier cannot go that far without 2 tugs as support
More good news - Chinese increasing their presence in Caribbean as well.
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For a Black sea thread, we are literally all over the place.....
No its relevant for the discussion actually. America is playing in Russias and Chinas backyard. We and Chinese are playing in theirs...
The UK claims it was in international waters.
And I thought Putin respected strength?

But what do I know, I live on a small island in the Pacific.......
Can you please tell them that it wasnt?
If they had been in Rusik water's Putin would have fired at them directly

Truth is they were in INTERNATIONAL waters - tough

Same *hit as when you fly your ancient bombers near our airspace - you won't come in as you would get shot down
I am not in contact with them, nor Russia. But if I were Russia, I'd expect more FONOPs in the Black Sea.
Be interesting if they would try that rubbish with an American Destroyer :rolleyes:

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