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Tech Data Bison Armoured Vehicle Canada

Discussion in 'Military Tech Data' started by Bombardier, Mar 19, 2018.

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    The images and data produced here were obtained from http://www.army-armee.forces.gc.ca
    The use of this information is covered by the rules of use found here https://www.canada.ca/en/department...ty/crown-copyright.html#permissionnotrequired

    bison-05.jpg bison-03.jpg bison-m.jpg bison-02.jpg

    The Bison Armoured Vehicle is an eight-wheeled armoured vehicle originally designed as an infantry section carrier. Today, the Bison Armoured Vehicle is an adaptable vehicle with variants that support the light armoured vehicle (LAV) IIIs.

    • Bison command post vehicles
    • Bison air space coordination centre vehicles
    • Bison ambulances
    • Bison mobile repair team vehicles
    • Bison recovery vehicles
    • Bison electronic warfare vehicles
    • Bison reconnaissance vehicles
    • Basic weight: 12,846 kg
    • Combat load: 12,450 kg
    • Length: 6.48 m
    • Width: 2.82 m
    • Height: 2.81 m
    • On-road speed: 100 km/h
    • Off-road speed: 65 km/h
    • On-road range: 643 km
    • Off-road range: 500 km
    • Maximum grade: 60%
    • Side slope: 30%
    • Ditch cross: 1.72 m
    • Type: F-54 Diesel DF-2
    • Capacity: 270 L
    • Consumption: 0.42 L/km
    • Arctic: No
    • Add-on armour: Yes
    • Personnel: 2
    • Passengers: varies from one variant to another
    • C6 7.62-mm flexible, medium machine gun
    • 76-mm multi-barrel grenade dispenser
    • M72 66-mm rocket launcher

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