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Quote/Poem Beneath A Diamond Sky

Discussion in 'All other military discussion' started by Billy Little, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Billy Little

    Billy Little Mi Private MI.Net Member

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    Beneath A Diamond Sky
    (author unknown)

    A crisp and clear late summers night, my mind is drifting far
    Back nearly forty years or so, to the fields of South Armagh
    Back to the time when I was young, when life was new, And death was, too
    And in my mind, I catch the smells, of new cut grass, and late night dew
    Of whispering trees, and whispering grass, and all those sounds of night
    The sudden run of unseen hare, the sounds that gave us all a fright
    Then on we`d walk, with silken step, between the hedgerows, body`s forced
    Avoiding gaps that may be wired, avoiding paths where streams once coursed
    Skirting round abandoned farms, with mouldy smells of rotting wood
    To venture into unseen ruins would not be wise, would not be good
    And slowly, as the night progressed, we made our torturous route
    Stopping every now and then, on haunches sat, adjusting straps,
    re-hanging kit, tightening up a loosened boot
    Until at last we find our way, to our new `home` of many a day
    Just fallen stones, where in the past, a wall once stood, but now collapsed
    And here we`ll stay, to watch and wait, the `shuftyscope` hums low and green
    Watching deep into the night, for distant cars, for men unseen
    And as the dawn comes from the East, the pale light bathes the breeze bent grass
    The blood drenched fields of South Armagh revealed now to all who pass

    And so in age, my head lifts up, a tear of memory fills my eye
    And I remember friends who died, so long ago, beneath a diamond sky.
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