Photos "Battle of the Bulge"....then and now.

Okay chaps, I have to say this is one of the most interesting threads on this site....what a reach back in time like I can feel it in some of these pictures........NICE WORK!!! Keep'em coming!!! (Y)
Series of pictures taken on September 11. 1944 in the German village of Grosskampenberg. The US troops are from the 28th Infantry Division, most probably 110th Infantry.

Picture of an US Army Bailey bridge crossing the Our river, in-between Oberhausen, Belgium and Welchenhausen, Germany.

It was not possible to take the pic form the exact angle as a shed has bene built after the war. The more so the trees that have been growing along the creek since the picture was taken completely obscur the view of the Belgian side, thus two contemporary pics. One taken from the German side, more or less form the same spot as the WWII pic and one taken on the Belgian side of the river.

Bailey Bridge Welchenhausen.jpg

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