Photos Aussies and Kiwi's in Vietnam

Troopers of the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) in light coloured berets and a soldier of the Royal Australian Armoured Corps (RAAC) in a black beret wait at Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport to board a Qantas flight to South Vietnam. Feb 1967
Phuoc Tuy Province. September 1968. WO1 'Shorty' Turner of the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (AATTV), speaks to South Vietnamese soldiers during field training in long range reconnaissance patrolling.
Phuoc Tuy Province. c 7 - 18 August 1966. VC documents discovered in a house in Binh Ba village during Operation Holsworthy are examined by Private Bill Winkel (left) from 5RAR and Sgt Brian Ticknell. Brian Ticknell was a sergeant in 3 Field Troop & 1 Field Squadron, RAE (Royal Australian Engineers) in 1966. He came back for a 2nd tour of 18mths in 1970. Bill Winkel was a National Serviceman (conscript) and left the army after his tour
January 1970. Centurion Mk V/1 tanks of the Australian Army's A Squadron, 1st Armoured Regiment, rumble along Route 23 headed for Binh Tuy Province during Operation Matilda. A Centurion Armoured Recovery Vehicle (ARV) is bringing up the rear.
Bien Hoa Province. 28 May 1968. Surrounded by troops of 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR), wounded NVA prisoners lie on makeshift stretchers and wait to be evacuated from FSB Balmoral.
February 1968. Australian Army Private Gus Warneke (right), and three other soldiers prepare to move out on a dawn patrol during Operation Coburg, a reconnaissance in force operation in Bien Hoa Province.
Trooper John Weire of Mentone, Vic, uses an umbrella to shelter from the shower of rain, during Operation Ballarat which began 4 August 1967 and ended 16 August 1967, while the remainder of the crew, Sergeant John Murphy of Cressy, Vic (left), and Craftsman Terry Parker of Launceston, Tas, keep a sharp lookout for Viet Cong (VC) from their armoured personnel carrier (APC) from A Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment. South Vietnam.
Centurion Mark V/1 tanks of C Squadron, 1st Armoured Regiment, Royal Australian Armoured Corps (RAAC), taking up position on the perimeter of Fire Support Base (FSB) Coral, shortly after their arrival at the Base. These tanks were a welcome sight to the defenders of FSB Coral, as the base had been under sustained attack from a regiment of the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) for several days. May 1968

A 54-ton Centurion tank arrives at a village en route to Fire Support Base (FSB) Coral in north-west Bien Hoa Province. During a break, the crew of the tank spared time to speak with some of the local Vietnamese children. Bien Hoa Province, May 1968
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Centurion tank of C Squadron 1st Armoured Regiment (1AR) RAAC providing armoured support. 1968

An M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) following a Centurion tank on an armoured patrol through dense undergrowth . This APC is fitted with a Cadillac Gage T50 turret and is armed with twin .30 inch machine guns. The vehicle commander also has his hand on an M79 grenade launcher. 1968
Centurion Mk 5/1 tank of A Squadron, 1st Armoured Regiment (1AR) RAAC speeds across open country. The tank was one of forty-four armoured vehicles taking part in Operation Matilda, the biggest Australian armoured operation since World War II. In eleven days the force swept through three provinces searching for the Viet Cong (VC). Feb 1970
Phuoc Tuy Province. 1967. A quick map check by Corporal Daryle Poke (left), and Sergeant Bob Armitage, both of 5th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (5RAR). They lead a reconnaissance patrol through jungle near the 1st Australian Task Force (1ATF) base at Nui Dat
Phuoc Tuy Province. March 1970. Soldiers from 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (7RAR), gather around Lieutenant Doug Gibbons (with notebook and stick pointer), for a final briefing before moving out into the jungle to begin Operation Finschhafen

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