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Rare photos of our first Destroyer Escort - the RPS Rajah Soliman. Named after a powerful Muslim warlord, she was
armed with a 5 inch (127mm) gun, 3 Bofors 40mm, 8 Oerlikon 20mm cannons, and 2 Mk.9 depth charge racks. Sadly she sunk in 1964 due to Typhoon Winnie while docked at a naval shipyard.




From Wikipedia:

Rajah Sulayman
, sometimes referred to as Sulayman III (Sanskrit: स्ललैअह् , Baybayin: ᜐᜓᜎᜌ᜔ᜋᜈ᜔, Abecedario: Suláimán) (1558–1575),[1] was the Rajah or paramount ruler of the Rajahnate of Maynila, a fortified Tagalog Muslim polity which was a vassal to the Brunei Sultanate, on the southern half of the Pasig River delta, by the time Spanish colonizers arrived in the early 1570s.

Sulayman - along with his co-ruler Rajah Matanda of Maynila and Lakan Dula, who ruled the neighboring polity of Tondo - was one of three monarchs who figured most significantly in the Spanish conquest of the Port of Manila and the Pasig River delta. Spanish accounts describe him as the most aggressive of the three rulers – a characteristic chalked up to his youth relative to the other two rulers.

All those shinny new ships but when theres a disaster at sea, somehow the rusting navy buckets are always on the scene first. :D
All those shinny new ships but when theres a disaster at sea, somehow the rusting navy buckets are always on the scene first. :D

Same thing in every third world country. If something happens to something "new" the military is afraid that politicians will have their a$$ regardless of the circumstances. Plus spare parts might be an issue as well.
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Military Honors to the eight out of the eleven fallen Philippine Army soldiers that have arrived in Manila yesterday night from the recent ambush of the ISIS linked terror group "Abu Sayyaf", one of the worst losses the AFP had for some time.

The April 17, ambush in Patikul, Sulu by Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) terrorists on elements from the D company, 21st Infantry Battalion is one of the worst losses the AFP had for sometime.

According to info MaxDefense gathered since yesterday, the unit involved was a blocking force in support of Special Operations units doing a follow-up operation after members of the Scout Ranger Regiment encountered the same group yesterday. But the 21st IB(Infantry Battalion) units were ambushed instead while the main units were scouring the jungle for the enemy.

Military sources believe the ASG used intel from villagers living nearby the Army's firebase, providing them advance info of troops coming in. As always, the AFP has not used any modern surveillance equipment prior to the operation, including locating the actual position of the ASG terrorist units.

The firefight appears to be really close, with ASG terrorists hacking injured Army personnel to death, taking uniform/boots, personal possessions, and firearms, resulting to the loss of 6 Remington R4A3 rifles, an R4A3 rifle with an attached M203 40mm grenade launcher, an S&T Motiv K3 squad automatic weapon, and a Harris Falcon encrypted communicatioms radio.

A follow-on operation proceeded involving addition infantry, mechanized and Scout Ranger units supported by mortar units and AW109E armed helicopters from the Philippine Air Force.
Wescom says Chinese warship readied guns vs PH Navy ship in PH territory

MANILA, Philippines—A warship of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) readied its guns for firing at a Philippine Navy ship near the Philippine-occupied Rizal (Commodore) Reef in the West Philippine Sea last February, according to a ranking Philippine military official on Thursday (April 23).

The Philippine Navy ship, BRP Conrado Yap (PS-39), was on a sovereignty patrol mission when it encountered the Chinese corvette, with bow No. 514, on Feb. 17, said Vice Admiral Rene Medina, Western Command (Wescom) chief.


Corvette 514


BRP Conrado Yap PS-39

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