Photos AR-15 style rifles in military and police service

Unknown Platoon from a SEAL Team in South Vietnam, circa 1970/1971
One sailor has XM-177E2 (CAR-15) with XM-148 mounted, the rest carry Mk.23 'Stoner' light machine guns, two sailors have cut-down M-60 machine guns.
Look out Charlie!
SEAL Team.jpg
Montenegrin built TARA TM-4 rifle and TM-9 submachine gun. From what I gather, they are still in testing or did not manage to secure a contract.
Not to be confused with the TM-9 pistol which is very similar to the Glock.

M-4 family
• SIG Sauer SIG516
• Brown Enhanced Automatic Rifle
• Remington R4
• Robinson Arms XCR
• SIG 556
• Colt ACC-M
• LMT MARS-L R-20 Rahe

AR-16/M-16 family
• Barrett REC7
• Bushmaster XM-15
• Carbon 15
• Colt AR-15
• Daniel Defense DDM4
• DPMS Panther Arms Tactical Rifle
• Heckler & Koch MR556
• Lewis Machine & Tool Company (LMT) CQB16
• LWRC International IC series • Mossberg MMR Tactical
• Olympic Arms K series
• Palmetto State Armory PA-15
• Patriot Ordnance Factory rifles and carbines
• Remington R5 RGP • Rock River Arms LAR-15
• Ruger SR-556
• Savage Arms MSR-15
• SIG Sauer SIG516
• SIG Sauer SIGM400
• Smith & Wesson M&P15
• Springfield Armory SAINT
• Stag Arms STAG-15
• Taurus T4SA
• Wilson Combat Tactical Rifle
• Windham Weaponry WW-15
• Norinco CQ
An SR-25, AR-10 or LR-308
AR-10/AR-308 type rifles
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AR-16/M-16 variant
This from STANAG,wiki

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