Photos AR-15 style rifles in military and police service

M-4 family
• SIG Sauer SIG516
• Brown Enhanced Automatic Rifle
• Remington R4
• Robinson Arms XCR
• SIG 556
• Colt ACC-M
• LMT MARS-L R-20 Rahe

AR-16/M-16 family
• Barrett REC7
• Bushmaster XM-15
• Carbon 15
• Colt AR-15
• Daniel Defense DDM4
• DPMS Panther Arms Tactical Rifle
• Heckler & Koch MR556
• Lewis Machine & Tool Company (LMT) CQB16
• LWRC International IC series • Mossberg MMR Tactical
• Olympic Arms K series
• Palmetto State Armory PA-15
• Patriot Ordnance Factory rifles and carbines
• Remington R5 RGP • Rock River Arms LAR-15
• Ruger SR-556
• Savage Arms MSR-15
• SIG Sauer SIG516
• SIG Sauer SIGM400
• Smith & Wesson M&P15
• Springfield Armory SAINT
• Stag Arms STAG-15
• Taurus T4SA
• Wilson Combat Tactical Rifle
• Windham Weaponry WW-15
• Norinco CQ
Why yes, the M-203 was fielded during the Vietnam War. This photo is from 1969-1971 timeframe, M-16A1/M-203.

NOTE: Quadrant sight is not installed on the carrying handle, the weapon only required the leaf-sight, located on the handguard, just before the M-16 front sight post.

US soldier armed with XM-177E1 Commando.

NOTE: called CAR-15 by soldiers (this was due to the first manuals fielded in 1967 with the weapon labeled CAR-15 from Colt.)
Also, no raised 'berm' around Magazine Release button.

Vietnam War circa 1967/1968

Size comparison of XM-16E1 rifle and XM-177E1 (CAR-15) Commando in UH-1C Huey Helo
NOTE: CAR-15 with two, taped 20-rd magazines inserted.
AN/PRC-77 Man Portable FM Radio behind CAR-15

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