Photos Angolan Civil Wars, Rhodesian Bush Wars & South African Border Wars

Captured Angolan T34/85
where they lived and serviced in Africa?
They were stationed in Luanda,Addis Ababa,Beira.Their main task was to protect civilian specialists from GDR.And to provide service and supply for said specialists and medical teams from the GDR.Also planes were housed there for a safe evacuation from the area.There was no evidence of deeper military activity from them

Cuban and Angolan soldiers
Cuban and Angolan soldiers captured Centurion's SADF!
Three captured Russian T-54 tanks
good condition!
South West African Turbo Wolf Mine Protected Vehicle the brother of the South African Casspir - 1980's Namibia. The red ovals were drawn to show where the antennas were mounted on the Turbo Wolf compared to the standard Wolf which had them mounted elsewhere.
Germany supported SADF?
Grey's Scout in the Bush War
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Germany supported G-3 to Rhodesia!
who was pay to mercenaries in Rhodesia or others?
Mainly Israel, Portugal, Spain, South Africa and rarely CIA
did they support SADF like supported Rhodesia?
Rhodesian Air Force Allouette III "G-Cars" with twin WWII vintage .303 Browning .303 Mark II (An Arial gunnery Commonwealth M1919 variant chambered in .303 British).
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Alouette III at Assembly Point Juliet, Zezani, Rhodesia, 1980
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good telescope and mount guns!
Exiled members of the former Albanian Royal Guard fighting with the Rhodesian Security Forces during the Bush War under the leadership of the banished Albanian Royal Family; somewhere in Rhodesia, circa 1970s
The royal family and his guards are Muslim?
Rhodesian soldier firing a rifle grenade from his FAL.
tradition paint camo to weapons in Rhodesia and SADF!
32 Battalion soldiers light up some cigars in the Angolan bush
Rhodesian soldiers in the Bush War with an Alouette III, G-car

Selous Scouts posing for a photo somewhere in Rhodesia
32 Battalion Recce group members: Jim Savory & Eeben Barlow with an M16, Omauni base. 1980's
Selous Scouts posing for a photo somewhere in Rhodesia
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what is a type of grenade launcher?
Rhodesian SAS during Operation Uric in the Gaza Province of Mozambique, 1 - 8 September 1979
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heavy weapons in a military unit!
32 Battalion Recce group members: Jim Savory & Eeben Barlow with an M16, Omauni base. 1980's
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M-16 from US,Israel or dark market?
Communist weapons poppular in Rhodesia and Souh Africa!:cool:?
Soldiers from the Rhodesian Security Forces, taking a break from operations in the bush, one with a camouflaged FN FAL, another with an FN MAG, during the Rhodesian Bush War against the Zimbabwe African National Union and the Zimbabwe People's Revolutionary Army, c. Rhodesia 1975 - 1979
Soldiers from Rhodesian Security Forces (with an FAL and FN MAG), riding in a Mercedes Unimog truck, through the bushland, during the Rhodesian Bush War, against the Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army and against the Zimbabwe People's Revolutionary Army, Rhodesia, c. 1975 - 1979
Peter Lipman of 32 Battalion in Angola with a Snotneus (M79), you can also see an R4 at his side
South African Recce operators before conducting a cross-border operation during the South African Border War. 1980s
Rhodesian Fire Force Delta, part of 1 Indep Co. pulling an op north of West Nicholson

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