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Western pygmy possum, seen here sans photoshop.

Darwin is right.

Over here its big bro is a valuable resource. Apparently someone choppered out 1800kg @ $110 kg of said bros fur, better than food of the gods Whitebait at $70 kg.

I was surprised at the workforce on the first project

"What Snowy 2.0 is proposing is in a league of its own," Prof Michael Braer, director of the Melbourne Energy Institute at the University of Melbourne, tells the BBC.

this guy needs to get out more, Dinorwic is very impressive.
They didn't blank out the sports pages, which have been full of "start from scratch" commentary on Australian Rugby.
Adelaide (AKA Sad-elaide) is the king of the meth heads for Australia.

Other high user citys - Canberra (AKA Bush Pyong-Yang) and Toowomba (AKA Toowomba).
Any guidance you Aussies can provide for acquiring legit chicken salt? This stuff fascinates me.
Chookies fiesta chicken salt, you can get it on ebay.
Scoured my 'merican Ebay and Amazon with no luck. Looks like I'm gonna have to source this stuff elsewhere. Must be some fiercely guarded non-exportable item like NVGs...

Off to google I go, hopefully not to some sketch Chinese counterfeit chicken salt dealer.
This might be geo blocked...

Geo blocked! Thanks for the lookout though. I was all excited for a moment. The local supermarket now has vegemite so I can at least sample this much discussed product.

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