Photos AK and its derivatives in action

Photo compliments: Unknown Commando

Afghan soldier with Egyptian-made AKMS rifle.

Afghan CRU armed with USSR AKM/GP-25. NOTE: Hungarian AMD-65 (AKMS) muzzle brake.

Afghan Police Officer mans Yugoslav/Serbian M-84 (PKM) machine gun.

Afghan NDS with Romanian Model-1990 (AKM) U.S. EO Tech HOLO sight and AN/PEQ-15 I.R.
Photo compliments: Pierogi Golem

Unknown Peruvian Army unit armed with rare, North Korean Type-68 (AKM) rifles, MP-5 SMG and USSR RPD (soldier last in formation)

Peruvian soldier with Late-Model, East German MpikM (AKM) rifle, first troops have Israeli Mini-Uzi and others have South African MGL-6.
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Bayonet fighting nuances.
Hand-to-hand combat, army hand-to-hand combat.
DOSAAF of Russia.
Photo compliments: Stormovik

Russian soldiers armed with AK-74M3 rifles.

Warsaw Pact-era
Hungarian soldier with AMD-65 (AKMS) rifles. *blank adapter in place of muzzle brake.
Szvojet BTR-70 in background.

Hungarian motorized reconnaissance team armed with AMD-65 (AKMS) rifles.
D-944.00 PSZH vehicle in background.
Photo compliments: Unknown Commando

A Romanian Model-1965 (AKMS) amongst AR's.

Late-model, East German MpiKM (AKM) rifle being carried in Iraq.

Photo compliments : Stormovik

Russian soldier holding USSR AKMS rifle w/75rd RPK drum.

Angola, 1980's
A mix of Cuban and Soviet troops with various rifles.
L-R: Yugoslav M-70AB2 (AKMS) Hungarian AMD-65 (AKMS) and the rest with USSR AKMS. *Possible two are PRC Type-56-1?

Photo compliment: Daru
Romanian soldier with UN soldier in Mali, UN soldier mans Yugoslav/Serbian M-84 (PKM) and has a Yugoslav/Serbian M70B1 (AKM) close by.
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This rather absurd combination with custom magazine was captured in a Mexican drug raid.

The black & white image above showing an AK being brandished & church in the background was taken at Wounded Knee, South Dakota during the American Indian Movement protests in 1972. I actually met him at a motel shoot out in Scottsbluff, Nebr.

December 04, 2018
Bemowo Piskie, Poland
*Army National Guardsmen of the 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment, Tennessee Army National Guard fire a Polish Wz.96 Beryl rifle.

May 27, 2021​


The president of the Polish Army Veterans Association fires an AK-47 during a marksmanship competition alongside soldiers from the U.S. army, Polish army and other retired Polish soldiers at a firing range at Forward Operating Site Drawkso Pomorskie Training Area, Poland, on May 27, 2021. Participants first fired from different firing positions at targets ranging from 25 meters to 350 meters within 60 seconds, then conducted hands-on familiarization exercises with Polish and U.S. weapons, allowing soldiers to train side by side to build self-confidence and encourage teamwork between allied forces​

*A classic (and quite rare!) Polish-made Kbkg wz. 1960 (AK-47) rifle-grenade firing variant.

**Blue arrow points to lighten cut to identify this rifle as the AK-47 from that of the Kbk AKM model. The Red arrows point to the two key features that distinguish this as the rifle-grenade version and of Polish origin. NOTE: this rifle has the AKM/AKMS compensator.​

Photo compliments Hiryu2.0
Hungarian soldiers in Afghanistan armed with AK-63E (AKMS) with a few addition's. ;)

Photo compliments: Chakib Larbi
Algerian improved AKM, not sure of its origin, USSR?
*The rifle next to it, is also outfitted with the same upgrades, but has its original stock that denotes it is an East German MpiKMS-72 (AKMS) rifle. Blue arrow points to stock release lever.
Photo compliments: CemalPasha

Azerbaijan throws its hat into the Kalashnikov manufacturing ring.

AK-74M or AK-107 version's.

PKM models
Photo compliments: Mardonis

Tehran domestic made Kalashnikov's (on table) No further information or photos up-close of these weapons.

Tricked-out PKM
Which I would gather is made for Commando units not regular line infantry.

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