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Jan 21, 2002
Second World War British instructional recognition silhouette cards ('spotter' cards), 'Red Pack', published by the Air Ministry in 1941. This 'Red Pack' (denoting the card backs as red and depicting silhouettes of single-engined aircraft) is one of four packs of Aircraft Recognition Silhouette Cards issued by the Ministry. When complete, the other packs would be as follows: 'Blue' pack -silhouettes of multi-engined aircraft (single rudder); 'Orange' pack -silhouettes of multi-engined aircraft (twin rudders); 'Green' pack -silhouettes of miscellaneous aircraft. Each pack should consist of 53 cards, i.e. four distinct and separate views of each aircraft, plus a joker, and the four views represent 'suits', and are as follows: 'General perspective view'; 'Front view'; 'Plan view'; 'Side view'. The Joker shows three or four views of each aircraft on one card. The packs allow for all ordinary card games to be played which are not concerned with 'sequences' or 'values'. See EPH 2972 for full set of instructions.

aircraft identification cards, British, 'Aircraft Recognition Silhouette Cards' (Red pack). © IWM (EPH 2973)
IWM Non Commercial Licence

Spotter Cards Aircraft Recognition. © IWM (EPH 1425)
IWM Non Commercial Licence

playing cards, instructional, American (aircraft/naval craft identification cards)

playing cards, instructional, American (aircraft/naval craft identification cards). © IWM (EPH 1839)
IWM Non Commercial Licence

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