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USS Smalley DD-565 and USS Benham DD-796 perform UNREP and transfer operations with an Essex Class Carrier somewhere in the Pacific - August 1945
LIFE Magazine Archives - George Silk Photographer

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USS Randolph (CV-15) alongside the repair ship USS Jason (AR-8) at Ulithi Atoll, Caroline Islands, on March 13, 1945, two days after Randolph was hit by a kamikaze. This photo was taken by a floatplane from USS Miami (CL-89).
Source: Official US Navy photo NH 80-G-344531 from the Naval History and Heritage Command

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Onboard HMS Argus, off Lamlash 15-17 Aug 1943, conducting deck-landing training. On the bridge are Capt H L St J Fancourt, DSO, RN, and Lt Cdr A S McTurk RN (Cdr Flying).

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An AM-1Q Mauler of Composite Squadron (VC) 4 pictured in the midst of making a deck launch from the aircraft carrier Kearsarge (CV 33) during flight operations in the Atlantic Ocean in April 1949. A total of 18 of the Maulers produced were delivered in the electronic countermeasures configuration and designated AM-1Qs.

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This is actually pretty humorous.
' A cartoon drawn by a member of Carrier Air Group (CVG) 8 depicts the problems experienced by the [Martin] AM-1 Mauler in carrier operations, which revealed themselves in the initial trials of the airplane and continued in fleet service. The word “Mable” in one of the cartoon bubbles is reference to one of the Mauler’s catchy but in some ways ill-fitting nicknames, the “Able Mable.” '
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On 09 March 1954 a whaler carrying 28 RAN personnel from Frankston Pier, to the aircraft carrier HMAS VENGEANCE, was hit and sunk by two freak waves. Two of the sailors onboard, (Recruits C. N. Collins and R. Jervis, from HMAS CERBERUS), were swept away and drowned. Neither body was ever recovered.
The whaler was attached to HMAS Sydney (II). #NAAQLD

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Cimarron Class Fleet Oiler USS Cacapon pictured conducting a four station RAS procedure with Essex Class Carrier USS Hancock c 1972.

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11 March 1956
HMAS MELBOURNE (aircraft carrier), embarked Nos. 808, 816, and 817 Squadrons off Scotland on her maiden voyage to Australia.
The second photo shows Melbourne arrival in Australia 6 May 1956 HMAS Sydney is in the background

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USS Enterprise (CV-6) at Ford Island, Pearl Harbor, 24 September 1945, taken by Photographer’s Mate William T. Barr. Photographer’s Mate Robert Anderson is in the foreground.

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On March 10 1942, aircraft from USS Lexington (CV 2) and USS Yorktown (CV 5) attacked Japanese shipping at Lae and Salamaua, the attacking airplanes flying over the Owen Stanley Mountains to reach the target. Among the aircraft in the air that day was SBD-2 (Bureau Number 2106), which is currently displayed in the museum. It was part of VB-2 on board "Lady Lex."

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