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Royal Navy’s former flagship HMS Illustrious to be flogged for scrap in £2.1 million deal

THE Navy’s former flagship HMS Illustrious is being flogged for scrap in a £2.1m deal, the Sun can reveal. An MoD contract with the Turkish scrap yard which also chopped up her sister carriers
HMS Ark Royal at sea on October 23, 1957. She was on her way to Lisbon, Portugal to conduct a goodwill visit.

The carrier has her complement of aircraft lined up neatly on the flightdeck. A group of Venom fighters are at the forward end of the deck. Sea Hawk fighters are lined up along the port side. At the aft end of the flightdeck, Gannets are clustered together along with a Whirlwind helicopter.
The first three aircraft carriers of the United States Navy at the Puget Sound Navy Yard in 1929. USS Langley (CV-1) is at the bottom of the photo with the Lexington class aircraft carrier USS Saratoga (CV-3) tied up to the same pier. Her sister, USS Lexington (CV-2) is at the top of the photo. Saratoga wore a black recognition stripe on her funnel to differentiate her from Lexington early in their careers.

Langley displaced just under 14,000 tons at full load. In comparison, the Lexington class displaced over 47,000 long tons at full load, over three times that of Langley!
Aircraft of Carrier Air Wing Fifeteen (CVW-15) parked in formation aboard the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63), include A-6E and a KA-6D (with the man sunbathing on it) Intruder of VA-52, foreground, F-14A Tomcat of VF-51 and VF-111, A-7E Corsair II of VA-22 and VA-94, background, SH-3H Sea King helicopters of HS-8, left, E-2C Hawkeye of VAW-114, and EA-6B Prowler of VAQ-135, right. The fourth plane on the port side (counting from the bow) is a single RF-8G Crusader of VFP-63 Det.1. 15 January 1980
As announced, the PLANS-18 Fujian has returned to Jiangnan today after completing her 2nd sea trial (18 days).

(Images via @琴石2022 from Weibo)
The first special modification work on the destroyer ”KAGA” was completed as planned on March 29.
The JMSDF will continue to systematically carry out the necessary modifications to the “IZUMO” class destroyer in order to acquire the operational capability of the F-35B.
The ocean liner SS United States moves past the newly christened USS Forrestal (CVA-59), the first aircraft carrier designed to support jet aircraft
Aircraft carrier Cavour (C 550) off Maristaer Grottaglie Naval Base, April 2024
The aircraft carrier USS Midway (CVB-41) pushing her way through a gale on February 4, 1949. She was operating off the coast of Sicily at the time along with the Essex class carrier USS Philippine Sea (CV-47), the ship where this photo was taken from.

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