Politics 14 year old pulls gun and shoots robber.

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Apr 14, 2019
Video of a 14 year old pulling a gun and shooting a perp in the face after he tried to rob, and was attacking his mother in their family run pizza place.

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Needs to learn to look beyond the target, because the person behind the robber was lucky not to get hit, but other than that:

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I know gun laws vary state to state in the USA but is it normal to have a 14 year old carrying legally?
I know gun laws vary state to state in the USA but is it normal to have a 14 year old carrying legally?
The minimum age in a lot of states to buy guns is 18-21, but transfers within the family are often exempted from this.
A person who is 21 years of age or older may apply for a license to carry.

A person who is otherwise eligible to possess a valid license under this chapter but carries a firearm in any vehicle or any person who carries a firearm concealed on or about his person, except in his place of abode or fixed place of business, without a valid and lawfully issued license and has not committed any other criminal violation commits a misdemeanor of the first degree.

Can I allow persons under the age of 18 to use firearms?
Persons under the age of 18 (minors) may possess or transport a legal pistol, revolver, shotgun, or rifle under the following circumstances:
The person is under the supervision of a parent, grandparent, legal guardian, or an adult acting with the expressed consent of the minor’s custodial parent or legal guardian, and the minor is engaged in lawful activity, including safety training, lawful target shooting, engaging in an organized competition involving the use of a firearm, or the firearm is unloaded and the minor is transporting it for a lawful purpose; or
The person is lawfully hunting or trapping in accordance with 34 Pa.C.S. (relating to game).

18 Pa.C.S. § 6111: Sale or transfer of firearms

(c) Duty of other persons.--Any person who is not a licensed importer, manufacturer or dealer and who desires to sell or transfer a firearm to another unlicensed person shall do so only upon the place of business of a licensed importer, manufacturer, dealer or county sheriff's office, the latter of whom shall follow the procedure set forth in this section as if he were the seller of the firearm. The provisions of this section shall not apply to transfers between spouses or to transfers between a parent and child or to transfers between grandparent and grandchild.

It should be avoided to purchase a gun for someone who is under 18. Individuals under the age of 18 cannot own a gun, but they are able to use or carry a gun with the permission of a parent or grandparent if they are supervised. You can not sell or transfer a gun to someone who is underage. But as a parent, you can transfer the gun to yourself, but the gun will belong to you and your minor child.
The transfer can be skipped if you are immediately related. The standard transfer process is not required if you are transferring to your child, grandchild, parent, grandparent, or spouse. Though knowingly giving a family member who is ineligible to own a gun could still result in you being charged with a felony.