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  1. Holmesy7291

    Article Human Ice Cube

    In Jan 1998 i'd been with the TA just over 6 months, and was on a Battalion Training Weekend on that most fun of places, Sailsbury Plain. We'd arrived on Friday night and bivvi'd down under our poncho's. We'd just been issued the new sleeping bags which actually kept us warm, unlike the old '58...
  2. F4E


    Turkey F4E copyright 1998 Michel Klaver
  3. F-104


    F-104 copyright 1998 Michel Klaver
  4. Tornado


    A British Royal Air Force GR-1 Tornado conducts in-air refueling with a British VC-10 K3 tanker (Not shown) over Kuwait as part of the Southwest Asia build-up. Location: KUWAIT (KWT) Date Shot: 20 MAR 1998Camera Operator: PH2 (NAC) JEFF VIANO, USN description and photo from Defense Visual...
  5. Member's Polish Areobatic team "Orlik"

    Member's Polish Areobatic team "Orlik"

    The line-up of the team in 1998 (from the left): Capt. Janusz Borkowski (the leader), Maj. Andrzej Sowa (solo), Capt. Dariusz Stanczyk (solo), Capt. Artur Bielas (left wingman), Capt. Zbigniew Kosterna (right wingman), Lt-Col. Ireneusz Fibinger (air controller).I have permission to use this...