year 1944

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    Five United States Soldiers stand around a captured military sign produced by the German Army, dated July 1944. The sign roughly translated says 'Soldiers surrender, you are surrounded'
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  7. tomthounaojam

    Photos Somewhere in Imphal 1944

    Greetings Guys, Ever since I completed the Tamiya 1 Ho Ni 1/35 (really nice kit) self-propelled artillery I didn't know what to do with figures which came with the kit, at that time I was really bad at figure painting. However, during this lockdown with some free time, I tried my luck, and...
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  9. Commandant  Kieffer

    Commandant Kieffer

  10. D

    Intro His Majesty’s Motor Launch 916 and my Dad.

    Hi - I am younger son of Lt G.G.MacPherson skipper of ML 916 blown up on an acoustic mine 8th Nov 1944 in the Scheldt estuary. My father survived with bad injuries and there was another survivor who we can’t trace. Any info about this ship, her crew and surrounding events most welcome. Great to...
  11. WW2 scenes III

    WW2 scenes III

    Stuck bulldozer
  12. WW2 scenes III

    WW2 scenes III

  13. WW2 scenes

    WW2 scenes

    Italian StuG in German service
  14. Axis equipment

    Axis equipment

    Japanese narrow gauge locomotive
  15. Axis equipment

    Axis equipment

    Mussolini inspecting a bunker
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    A black and white photo of the U.S. 2nd Infantry Division troops and equipment moving inland toward Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer on 7 June 1944
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  18. SdKfz 250

    SdKfz 250

    SdKfz-250 destroyed by bomb near miss.
  19. 1944 Lockheed XP-80 Shooting Star 44-83020.jpg

    1944 Lockheed XP-80 Shooting Star 44-83020.jpg

    Lockheed XP-80 Shooting Star prototype "Lulu-Belle" aka "The Green Hornet" 44-83020
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