1. DTA

    archaeology Unknown footage from the bottom of the Baltic Sea

    Original post by Russian State Archive of photo and movie documents (original and more detailed russian article here ) Help us solve the riddle from the bottom of the Baltic Sea...
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    Video [Documentary] The challenges of the German Army in 2017-18

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    Video David Fletcher's Tank Chats

    Check on the right side of the webpage for the other tank chats videos.
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    Video L'insider with the French 13 RDP

    L'insider is a series featuring Alain Figlarz, a martial at instructor who work for the movie industry. He spent a lot of time around the world with special force to see how they train and then use this knowledge for more realistics action scene on movies. For those who have Netflix in the USA...
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    Video Planes of Fame Air Show 2018 - Old warbirds flying

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    Video Lithuanian Aviation In Interwar