united states army air corps

  1. colin traveller

    Military People Frozen in Ice , Body of a US Paratrooper found years later

  2. 1829564


  3. B25 jungle

    B25 jungle

    Japanese anti-aircraft crews abandon their 75mm guns at Rabaul during strafing runs by Army Air Forces B-25s.
  4. military fire vehicles

    military fire vehicles

  5. aircraft


  6. B-25  Dragon Breath

    B-25 Dragon Breath

    This B-25 was at Osh Kosh Wisconsin EAA air show a few years ago . I don't know anything about it. I don,t think it is painted this way any more or it is out of commision.
  7. B-25 Pacific Prowler nose art

    B-25 Pacific Prowler nose art

    B-25 Mitchell Bomber from Canada, Ottawa I think. What a polish job! The "Pacific Prowler".
  8. B-25 Heavenly Body cockpit

    B-25 Heavenly Body cockpit

    Cockpit of B-25 Mitchell bomber. Crewman took my camera and shot picture for me.
  9. B-25 Heavenly Body

    B-25 Heavenly Body

    The other side of Heavenly Body, 13th Airforce {the Jungle AirForce}.
  10. B-25 Old Glory

    B-25 Old Glory

    I don't know much about her except, she's beautiful.
  11. Carol Jean

    Carol Jean

    This beautiful B-25 Mitchell was at Mount Comfort, Indiana airshow a few years ago . I haven't seen it lately, so I don't know if it has been repainted or is now resting in a museum, God forbid it was crashed .
  12. Aluminum Overcast

    Aluminum Overcast

    A 1944 produced B-17G , now of the Experimental Aircraft Association in Osh Kosh ,Wisconsin taking off to get in on the HEAVY IRON flyby and simulated bombing runs.
  13. Scramble


    Air Raid Pearl Harbor This is no DRILL!! P-40 Scrambles to get into the air before the next bomb run from the Japanese Naval Pilots.
  14. Mitchell B-25J

    Mitchell B-25J

    This B-25J markings are in the 13th airforce colors, or better known as the jungle airforce.This B-25 represents "Heavenly Body" a beautiful restored B-25 J variant. These planes were the famous skip bombers. They would fly low over Japanese shipping and then drop there bombs and they...