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    Mil News Counterfeit aero engines

    The Yak-130 combat training aircraft was designed by Yakovlev Design Bureau along with Italy’s Aermacchi, and production was launched in 2009 by the Irkut Corporation in Russia, writes John Buchan. One of the strengths of the plane was a Ukrainian designed AI-222-25 engine created by...
  2. AAR Galileo

    Video Ukraine @ Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018

  3. AAR Galileo

    Video [Vice] Out of Control: Ukraine's Rogue Militias

    In 2014, Ukraine was under siege and the military was unprepared. Desperate, the government urged anyone to get to the front and fight the Russian-backed separatists. As the war drags on, Ukraine claims their military is now in control and the volunteers have all been disbanded. But we tracked...
  4. Bombardier

    Other Post Foreign Fighters in the Ukraine

    I was interested to see how many foreign fighters that have taken up arms against Aggression organised by Other States Another time, place & circumstance who knows, I may be reporting from the front line I am...
  5. berkut76

    Movie / TV Ukraine: "Crimea as it was"

    berkut76 submitted a new Review Item: Ukraine: "Crimea as it was" about Russian Annexation of Crimean Peninsula Read more about this showcase item here...
  6. Hryg  PRONIW

    Hryg PRONIW

  7. Hryc PRONIW

    Hryc PRONIW

  8. Panther Tank Ukraine

    Panther Tank Ukraine

    The Panther was a German medium tank deployed during World War II on the Eastern and Western Fronts in Europe from mid-1943 to its end in 1945. It had the ordnance inventory designation of Sd.Kfz. 171. Until 27 February 1944, it was designated as the Panzerkampfwagen V Panther when Hitler...
  9. Ukrainian Military Train

    Ukrainian Military Train

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    Article Indian Case Is Not An Accident, But A Pattern Of Russian Military-industrial Complex

    The results of Russian occupation of Crimea and beginning of armed invasion to eastern Ukraine are international sanctions, including the supply of military goods, which have been imposed on the Russian Federation. Another crushing punch to Russian military-industrial complex has become the...
  11. Ukrainian 24th Mechanised Brigade

    Ukrainian 24th Mechanised Brigade

  12. BTR-3E1


    Ukrainian APC "BTR-3E1"
  13. olarhat

    Photos Ukraine Vs Russia 2014-2021

    Russians media tell to everyone about "Civil war in Ukraine". But it is real russian invasion in Ukraine. And I want to demonsrate it) I prepared collection of photos with newest russian weapon in Donbass region. Small arms VSS Vintoryez - Russian Special Forces Sniper Rifle (In the Russian...
  14. olarhat

    Photos Ukrainian Military

    Film about fighting against Russian aggression
  15. Ukrainian Damn Zaporozhye 1942

    Ukrainian Damn Zaporozhye 1942

    Ukraine -. Hydroelectric power station on the Dnieper at Zaporozhye, probably the summer of 1942
  16. BMT-72