1. PegAsus

    Video Tiger I Restoration Supercut

    For anyone who is fascinated by german tank technology of WW2 and one of the greatest icons in WW2 These Guys are just great. They had a puzzle of rusty, bent metal pieces and made a tiger out of it!
  2. der Kolumbianer

    Photos t55 and TI-67 differences

    surely you have asked yourself, what is the difference between a t55 or a ti67? or that it is a ti67 or they tiran 5,The tiran-5 is an Israeli modification to the captured t55 tanks in the 6 day war: the principally differences are:They changed the Soviet 100 millimeter cannon for an American...
  3. WW2 scenes III

    WW2 scenes III

    Tank junkyard
  4. ao_sepia

    Question? Why not nickname?

    Why not Soviet tanks had't nickname T-54/55/62 T-72 and Chinese tanks T-59/69 but Western tanks had nickname?
  5. BravoZulu

    GMW Tank Encyclopedia

    Another excellent resource for AFV's. A lot of vehicles you have never heard of with plenty of historical facts. Very comprehensive on the vehicles it covers, however lots of gaps in the knowledge data base but it is expanding all the time. A great read and you can get lost in there...