t34 main battle tank

  1. Russian Vehicles

    Russian Vehicles

  2. Acceptance


  3. T-34 in nislinna in spring 1943

    T-34 in nislinna in spring 1943

    WWII - Finnish Army
  4. T-34/85 and KV-1E July 1944

    T-34/85 and KV-1E July 1944

    A black and white photo of a finnish army T34/85 and a KV-1E at kilpeenjoki, finland in 1944
  5. T-34/85


    Exchibit in The Museum of the Land Forces Traditions in Warsaw (25.04.2006)
  6. German soldiers and T-34

    German soldiers and T-34

  7. T-34 m 1942

    T-34 m 1942

    Finnish Army WWII. T-34 m 1942 on the first anniversary parade in nislinna (Petrozavodsk) on 1st October 1942.
  8. T-34 m 1941

    T-34 m 1941

    Finnish Army WWII. The first captured T-34 m 1941 near Karhumki at the beginning of December 1941.
  9. T-34 C.1

    T-34 C.1

    Argentinean Navy - Beechcraft T-34 C.1 "Turbo Mentor"
  10. T-34's


    War of Lapland. Finnish Army T-34 m 1943 (321) and T-34 m 1941 (322) near Sodankyl at the beginning of November 1944, 322 hit German mine and was badly damaged.
  11. T34


  12. Tali-Ihantala


    The most famous military photo ever in Finland. Photographed July 1944 during the Battle of Tali-Ihantala. Destroyed tank in photo is Soviet T-34
  13. T-34 m41

    T-34 m41

    First T-34 m41 tanks were captured in 1941. This vehicle was captured in autumn 1943. 22nd June 1944 it fell into Saimaa Canal when a bridge collapsed - its crew survived and took part in the decisive battles of summer 1944
  14. T-34/76


    T-34 MBT's with 76mm gun. WWII ?
  15. T-34/85


    Soviet and Polish soldiers enter Berlin riding aboard a russian tank T-34/85 in Polish service
  16. Soviet stamps

    Soviet stamps

    Soviet stamps with tanks: T-34 IS-2 Kv-1
  17. Polar

    Photos Cheftain from East Germany

    This is practis target based on a T-34 from East Germany who is simulated "Chieftain"
  18. T-34 1940

    T-34 1940

    second production of the T34
  19. T-34


  20. T-34/76


    T-34/76 in Westerplatte (Gdansk,Poland) photo from Wikipedia (The Free Encyclopedia)