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  1. Devil Child

    Terror Egypt explosion injures tourists near Giza pyramids Approximately 100 reported terrorist attacks so far this month. Speedy recovery to the wounded and swift vengeance to the perpetrators. Explosion hits tourist bus near Egypt's Giza pyramids | Al Jazeera...
  2. Volkswagen_citi_golf_policecar_of_sa.JPG


    Volkswagen Citi Golf as police car in South Africa
  3. 1280px-South_African_Police_Chevrolet_Optra_(22152019769).jpg


    South African police car taking part in the George airport simulated aircraft emergency exercise.
  4. Firefox

    Photos Southern, Central & Northern African Military Photos

    Following on from the other countries Military Photo threads I thought I would create one for Central & Southern African Forces. Here are some I found in our Media Galleries
  5. Plaque  1st (Cape) Regiment

    Plaque 1st (Cape) Regiment

    Located at Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town
  6. Tablet on Zulu Memorial at Rorkes Drift January 1879

    Tablet on Zulu Memorial at Rorkes Drift January 1879

  7. Isandlwana January 1879

    Isandlwana January 1879

  8. RG-31 Nyala Armoured Patrol Vehicle

    RG-31 Nyala Armoured Patrol Vehicle

  9. (APV) The RG 31

    (APV) The RG 31

    (APV) The RG 31 is being used as an armoured patrol vehicle in Afghanistan. Armaments include a remotely operated 7.62 mm machine gun and smoke dischargers. 02 May 2006. More info: The RG-31 Nyala is multi-purpose mine-protected vehicle made by Land Systems OMC in South Africa, based on...
  10. 4th South African Infantry Battalion (South Africa)

    4th South African Infantry Battalion (South Africa)

    The 4th South African Infantry Battalion (4SAI) is based in Middleburg, Mpumalanga. It was originally converted to a Mechanised Infantry Battalion in 1987 for the latter stages of the Angolan War campaign, although in recent years has reverted to a Motorised Infantry Battalion. 4SAI was...
  11. South African Special Forces

    South African Special Forces

    The Special Forces Beret Badge is worn on a Maroon Beret. Both the Maroon Beret and the maroon background of the Beret Badges denote the Airborne Capability of the Special Forces Regiments. The Beret Badge is comprised of a Compass Rose in the centre of a Laurel Wreath. The Compass...
  12. BTR-152 APC

    BTR-152 APC