1. Pedro Pantoja (4).jpg

    Pedro Pantoja (4).jpg

    photo by Pedro Pantoja
  2. Sikh soldiers WW1

    Sikh soldiers WW1

    Men of the 45th Sikhs, 52nd Infantry Brigade, 17th Division at a tug of war
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  4. soldiers


  5. soldiers


  6. Knight John Frederick

    Knight John Frederick

  7. Bingham John Denis Yelverton

    Bingham John Denis Yelverton

    The Honourable Lieutenant Colonel, 15th Hussars [D.S.O.] Born 11th August 1880 Died 28 December 1940 and husband of Vera Mary nee Darbyshire On the web site called the they have his death year as 1978
  8. Woodward Walter

    Woodward Walter

    Walter Woodward late Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant died 30th September 1904 aged 39. Buried at Stratton Cemetery, near Cirencester, Gloucestershire. his son Sergeant 8925 Walter John, C Coy, 1st Gloucestershire Regiment was killed in action at Givenchy France on the 25th January 1915 aged 23...
  9. Hawley Robert Beaufoy

    Hawley Robert Beaufoy

    Lieutenant General Robert Beaufoy Hawley C.B Colonel Commandant, King's Royal Rifle Corps, formerley Lieutenant Colonel, commanding 4th Battalion, 60th Rifles Died 5th August 1898 aged 77. Buried at Stratton Cemetery, near Cirencester, Gloucestershire. He also commemorated on the family...
  10. Artillery Men

    Artillery Men

    Fireposition of 1st Battery. Finnish Defence Forces - Army
  11. Measuring the distance

    Measuring the distance

    Soldier of 3rd Gungroup, 1st section, 1st AA Battery. Finnish Defence Forces - Army.
  12. Barber Charles

    Barber Charles

    Wilmslow St Bartholomew's Churchyard, Cheshire He served 21 years in the army and was Sergeant Instructor of Musketry to the 43rd Regiment. He died 10th October 1871 age 46
  13. Bailey John Charles

    Bailey John Charles

    Burslem Cemetery, Stoke on Trent,Staffordshire Died August 1972 age 78. Served in both World Wars
  14. soldiers


  15. Future Infantry Soldier France

    Future Infantry Soldier France

    Future Infantry Soldier - France. The FELIN (Fantassin quipements et Liaisons Intgrs) system will be an integrated part of the French Army's future air and land network centric system, called BOA. The system will provide the soldier with improved close-combat capability in terms of lethality...
  16. Future Infantry Soldier

    Future Infantry Soldier

    Future Infantry Soldier -Germany.
  17. Gallipoli Graves

    Gallipoli Graves

    " I hope they can't hear us leaving " from what I recall a soldier said this to Gen Birdwood as they ervacuated Gallipoli in silence so the Turks did not hear them
  18. Unknown Soldier

    Unknown Soldier

    Honor guard leading unknown soldier casket down U.S. Capital steps in Washington D.C. 1920 to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers
  19. Lone Soldier

    Lone Soldier

    Imagery from the RAF Photographers Competition 2005
  20. French soldier with donkeys

    French soldier with donkeys